Let me help you tell your story.

Speaking of Stories… Check Out My New Book “Get Personal”


Most of my book coaching and editing clients write because they have a message to share or an idea they want to express. When I ask clients why they’re writing a book, I often hear statements like: “I have to get this out of my head.” “People need to know about how (fill in the blank) can help them.” “If peopleRead the Rest…

What’s Your Story?


Everyone has a story to tell, a message to share. What’s yours? Are you telling it well? Your book represents you and your business. Done well, it can introduce you to new clients and media contacts, and help you secure lucrative speaking engagements. Done poorly, a book weakens your image and your brand.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you as my book coach to make this book come to life. Everyone needs a mentor and you were a constant encouragement to me. Thanks again. You are amazing! ~ Allyson Lewis, Author of The 7 Minute Solution