Let me help you tell your story.

Here are a few ways I work with clients…


Ghost Writing

If you have a message to share, but don’t have the time or the ability to write a book, I can help. I can use materials you’ve already created (e.g. blogs, speeches, recorded interviews) or work with you to create content from scratch. When your project is completed, my promise is that you will have a manuscript that reflects your unique voice and shares your message in a way that enhances your credibility.

Book Coaching

You want to write a book, and you know a great book could boost your credibility with your clients. But if you’re like most people, busyness keeps you from completing your project. My book coaching program will help you stay on track so you can become a published author. I love helping coaches, speakers, ministers and other professionals share their messages with the world!

In addition to receiving expert writing and publishing advice, one of the biggest benefits of working with me is the accountability that will help you finish your book.

Contact me with your questions about one-on-one coaching. You may also want to check out my 8 Weeks to Authorship DIY program and other resources at

Book Editing (Developmental Editing) 

If you’ve already written your book (or have one well underway), don’t publish it before it’s been professionally polished. Whether you’re self-publishing your book or are working with a publisher, editing is a crucial step that makes the difference between a good book and an excellent one.

As a developmental, content editor, I’ll examine your manuscript for clarity, readability, interest, word usage, missing information, redundancies, etc. Sometimes I suggest a total rewrite on a paragraph, and sometimes I change a word here or there… it varies from sentence to sentence, and book to book. I edit in Microsoft Word and use track changes so you can see the suggested edits and choose whether or not to accept the changes. If I have questions, I’ll note them in a comment bubble. And I am always open to an author’s input/feedback, because after all, it’s your book!

My Writers’ Connection Travel Write Retreats and Workshops

retreat-bannerWhat would help you move forward on your project?

  • Expert guidance?
  • Inspiration and insight?
  • Time and solitude?

My Writers’ Connection Travel Write Retreats & Workshops offer all of the above! The events are designed to include one-on-one coaching, group workshops and ample time that you can use to write. Plus, you’ll be re-energized and inspired by the sights and sounds when you travel and explore new places.

Get the details on upcoming events here.


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